No, that’s not possible.

Yes, of course. wimunity is programmed for desktop and for mobile devices.

wimunity supports current versions of the most common browsers on Windows, Mac OS and Linux:

  • The last two versions of Mozilla Firefox,
  • The last two versions of Google Chrome,
  • The last two versions of Safari,
  • The last two versions of Microsoft Edge

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Yes, we even have to.

Yes, the connection between you and our servers is always encrypted. HTTPS is always active.

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Trial Period

The minimum contract period is three months.

Tell us your requirements and we will make you an individual offer.

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Yes, please send us an Email.

Invoice, direct debit.

up to 10,000 users EUR 1,500 per month.
10,001 – 50,000 users EUR 2,500 per month.
> 50,000 users individual offer. Hosting included.

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Go to your profile at the top right corner and choose “Change password” via the dropdown.

Via the login form, you can easily request a new password. After specifying your e-mail address, it will be generated and sent to you shortly thereafter by e-mail. This process usually takes only a few seconds.

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