The Calendar shows your upcoming tasks, which you can create by yourself or the ones you have been assigned to.

Create new tasks

To create a new task the user has to type in a title and description if needed.

Tasks can be assigned to specific members, therefore just type in the first letters of the name and the software searches for the name in the member list.

Then set a priority, start and end date and time. That’s it!

Active and completed tasks

There are two lists: one for active and the other for completed tasks.
The user can adjust the completion level of active tasks and view the task in detail.
Once a task is completed, the user can delete it.

Tasks can be exported to iCal/ICS.


The calendar displays appointments in month view. You can also see tasks in the sidebar Calendar box next to the Timeline.

These pictures show details of the Task module of the ASAF Community (African Students and Alumni Forum). Click for bigger picture.