Send direct messages to other community members via the RTE fitted message tool.

Incoming messages

A counter at the speech bubble at the top of the screen indicates if and how many messages the user received.

Clicking on the Icons leads to the inbox.

Inbox and sent messages

Here the user can retrace, which messages were sent and received.

The pagination helps to keep track and the search makes it possible to find specific messages.

The users receives system messages when he or she was added or invited to a group, got assigned to a task, got mentioned in a timeline post.

The user also receives personal messages from other members.

Creating new messages

Click on the letter icon to write a new message. Type in the first letters of the recipient’s name and the software searchs for the corresponding person. Then type in the title and use the RTE for formating your message.

These pictures show details of the direct messaging of the ASAF Community (African Students and Alumni Forum). Click for bigger picture.