The Community consists of several groups. Depending on the rights system, entitled members can create and delete groups and add or remove members. Groups are used for sharing files and links with group members. The groups are also the basis for other tools like the voting tool and the event tool.

Group list

All groups are visible in the group list. The users can search for groups by group title.
Each group is listed with picture, title and description. The icon indicates the amount of group members. The user can quickly reach the very own groups via the sidebar section “my groups”.


There are three types of group members: admin, moderator and common group member.

The admin has the power to create new groups, add new members and accept members who applied for the group, remove members, change a member’s role, add and delete files and links and create subgroups.

The moderator also has the power to add and delete files and links.

The common user can apply for a group and upload files and links to the group.

Description and picture

The admin can provide a description of the group and choose a picture.


Each group member can upload files and post them on the group’s timeline. If someone loaded up a file, group members will be informed about that in the “Activity” box right to the Timeline.

Users can search for specific files.


Want to share some interesting links with the group members? Just type in the link and save!

Users can search for specific links.


A group can have as many subgroups as you want.

Importance for other tools

The groups play a big role in other tools. For example you can assign elections to certain groups or subgroups or plan events for certain groups.

These pictures show details of the timeline of the OCEANS Network. Click for bigger picture.