Depending on your requirements wiminno adapts and individualizes the user profiles section.

The user has the opportunity to edit the shared information and privacy settings at any time.

For the Western Balkans Alumni Association (WBAA) the profile consists of the following parts:

At the top

The top section contains the users name, position and birthdate.
There also are icons to direclty call, mail or send a direct message within the community to the user. Those icons are available depending on the user’s privacy settings.
The colored dot informs about the user’s activity. For example a green dot indicates, that the user has been online within the last hour and a yellow dot that the user has been online within the last day.

About me

In this section the user can provide a detailed personal description.


The education section is based on a database of more than 5.000 universities. Users can provide information about where and when they studied. Because the WBAA Community is made for Erasmus Alumni it is also possible to share information about study mobility. Therefore we provide a set of mobility programs and the already mentioned university database.

Working experience

The profile graphically shows how long the user has been working at which company. The users provide information about the performed position, workplace and the company’s website.


The sidebar contains the profile picture, mail address, phone number, mobil number and address depending on whether the user set the information to private or not.
Subsequent the user’s skills, memberships and language skills are listed. Again, the user can decide if the information is visible to all community members or not.

Privacy Settings

The user can make sure, which data shall be visible to the other community members. It is also possible to make the profile visible to people outside the community.

Member list

In the member list all community members are listed. You can search for certain members by name. The lists show the user’s picture, name, status, description and the available contact icons depending on the user’s privacy settings.

These pictures show details of the profile and member list of the WBAA Community (Western Balkans Alumni Association). Click for bigger picture.