Each user in a community has a timeline and can post comments, links, images, videos, files or surveys. Users can subscribe to the general community timeline and the groups they belong to.


The comment creation uses an Rich-Text-Editor (RTE), so it is possible to link elements, set text bold, italic and strikethrough, create blockquotes and lists (numbered or bulleted). It is possible to add tables, pictures and media etc.
Comments can be be favored by clicking on the star, shown in detail by clicking on the three dots and reported in case of misuse.
Other users can comment a post.


If you want to start a short survey, you can do so in the timeline. If an election is pending, the voting tool should be used.
A survey can consist of one or more questions. The user can decide, if the participants of the survey should be able to select multiple of the answers possibilities given.
A bar graph shows the results of the survey.

Group specific timeline

Depending on the groups, the users belong to, they automatically get assigned to the groups’ specific timelines, which can be chosen via the dropdown at the top of timeline. Content posted to those timelines can be seen by the group members only.


On the left hand side the timeline offers an configurable sidebar. The sidebar for the ASAF Community uses “Announcements”, where important messages can be displayed; an “Activity feed” which informs about dated actions in groups and the “Calendar”, which informs about any dates the user is involved.

These pictures show details of the timeline of the ASAF Community (African Students and Alumni Forum). Click for bigger picture.