You would like to run a election? Perfect! Our voting tool supports you!

Voting list

In the list events of all kinds of statuses are listed. Those are draft, pending, active and completed.
Looking for a specific election? Use the search function!

In the list you can see whether you have already casted your vote in running and completed elections or if you have missed you chance to cast your vote in completed elections.

You can see here immediately if the turnout of the election is valid or invalid.

Create a new voting

Assign a title and optionally a description what the voting is about.

For the Erasmus+ Communities we created the voting types ballot, nomination and statute amendments.

Choose the majority type and minimum participation in the next step.

Election period

Enter in which time zone you are based on our server time and indicate from when to when to run the election.


When the nomination/election is completed, all nominees will receive an e-mail asking them to accept or reject the nomination/election. Indicate how long the nominee/candidate has time to accept the nomination/election. If the nominee/candidate does not accept or reject the nomination/election within this deadline, the nomination/election will be considered as “rejected”.

Voting group(s)

Choose via the drowpdown, which groups or subgroups you want to participate in the voting.

Voting options

Depending on the voting type you can choose the votings options.

Candidates: Choose candidates by searching for names or add yourself.

Simple Poll: Add a title plus description the voters can vote for.

Free text: Possibility to ask for the voters opinion by giving them a topic and a short description.

multiple poll: Combine the other three options.


The voter can see the title, the instruction, the election period and who the responsible admin.

The candidate information comes from the profile of each candidate. You can cast your vote or abstain.

If the voting is a nomination the voters can suggest further nominees.


The results page shows the voting admin, groups that voted, casted votes, minimum participation and if the participation was high enough, majority type.

You can see how many votes are on which candidates and how many voters abstained.

On the right hand side the voters activity is displayed: How many people voted, didn’t vote and didn’t even took a look at the voting.

These pictures show details of the voting tool on our development server. Click for bigger picture.