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The core of the communities for the Erasmus+ organizations EMA, ASAF, OCEANS and WBAA forms, among other things, the user’s profile. The profile queries the user’s educational background.

That includes the level of education, the field of study, the academic discipline and the university.

education information
For more information regarding the profile, have a look at the detailed information.

Behind the field for university hides a database that lists universities from all over the world. Currently this database contains 5 271 entries (as at 29.11.2019).


Manually created member lists contain due to various authors of different lists different spellings of universities and are therefore difficult to compare and even more difficult to integrate into a database. For example, for user A the “Universität zu Köln” is noted, for user B it is “University of Cologne” and for user C it is “Universitaet Koeln”.

wiminno has therefore created a database that allows the user to directly select the right university through an autocomplete field.

Stored information

For wimunity™, wiminno has stored a wealth of information about each institution:

The university database also contains other tables that provide information about all countries. This means that the user will find the corresponding country both in the national language and in the English name.

country database
The country database

In addition, there is a n:m relationship between a place and the associated universities. The place is saved in English and the corresponding original language version. Each place is uniquely stored in the database and provided with an ID.

Universities are stored in the English name and in the original language.

The multilingual database takes the international members into account.

university database
The university database

Expansion options

An extension of the database would be conceivable, for example, to expand the information to former institutional names. Thus, alumni who have been studying for a long time would also find their university in the database.

Constant Expansion

Constant expansion to fill in gaps in the database, users have the opportunity to report missing universities. wiminno examines incoming requests and then includes the universities in the database.

add missing university
Reporting missing universities

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